Family Visits

Family Visits

The Families First sessions aim to give prisoners the opportunity to develop and maintain stronger relationships with their children, grandchildren, nieces/nephews and younger siblings (however priority is given to prisoners and their children). Therefore all prisoners attending the family visit should have children visit otherwise they will not be permitted into the visit.

The Maximum number of visitors to attend is one adult and there is no limit to children as long as the responsible adult can safely manage. Applications for numbers outside of these limits will be at the discretion of the Families First Manger.

Families First Sessions

Family Play – This is an opportunity for dads and grandads to play and interact with their children. Every 1st Wednesday pf the month PM

Baby Bonding – This is an opportunity for dads to create or keep the bond with their babies by feeding, changing, playing and interacting with their babies. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays every week

Toddler Time – This is an opportunity for dads to play and interact with their toddlers (under 5) doing age appropriate activities and playing games. Every 3rd Tuesday of the month AM

Story Book Dads – This is an opportunity for dads to be filmed reading a story to their children and the DVD and a copy of the book will be sent out to the children. Tuesdays – Fridays every week

Treasure Boxes – Dads can create a box with arts and crafts items, pictures, toys and letters inside to send to their children. Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday every week

Homework Club – This is an opportunity for dads to spend time with their children whilst helping them complete homework or fun worksheets provided by the Family team. Every 2nd Sunday of the month AM

Prisoner Family visit schedule