Our Vision

HMP Thameside's vision will be to provide the most productive and decent regime practicable within the contract. It will work to achieve this through its professional staff and constructive relationships with prisoners, their families and all other Criminal Justice agencies.

The Director, Assistant Directors, Managers and Staff at HMP Thameside will provide a safe, secure and respectful environment that encapsulates a wide range of constructive activities. The regime will embrace work, education, accredited course work, health, education and it will provide appropriate offending behaviour courses. The staff will also do the best they can to ensure those prisoners going back to society have robust resettlement opportunities through strong community links.

The next 5 years will be an extremely challenging period where we will seek to achieve:

  • A safe, secure and orderly environment that is compliant.
  • An effective and efficient contract that delivers on its promises, treating staff, visitors and prisoners with respect, decency and with care.
  • An innovative contract that meets the aims of the National Offender Management Service to help reduce reoffending.

We will build on previous solid operational and financial performance of Serco's custodial family to drive towards excellence in everything we do.